Alternative Culture, an artistic residency in Iceland

A public event (artist talk) with Ionuț Trandafirescu, cultural entrepreneur, publisher, festivals manager, traveler, in Reykjavik (IS).

about the artistic residency

After a series of collaborations over several years in the field of music and photography, as well as after a substantial number of trips to the wonderful country of Iceland, Ionuț Trandafirescu is thrilled to showcase his personal work and stories on how he approached different cultural events or projects that he founded in Romania 🇷🇴.

The bilateral artistic residency is a chance to exchange his vision and skills on photography, visual arts, and music, with the people who live in the place he loves. The residency is also an opportunity for him to meet and collaborate with Icelandic artists and cultural managers, and to explore new possibilities and partnerships.

Artist talk

Nov 24, 2023, 6:30 PM

Núllið Gallerý

Bankastræti 0, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland

About the artist | Ionuț Trandafirescu________________

Ionut Trandafirescu is a cultural manager, publisher, festival director, traveler, photographer and promoter based in Bucharest (RO) and Reykjavik (IS). He is the founder of the international photography festival Bucharest Photofest and co-founder of Photographer of the Year Awards in Romania. In 2019, he founded in Romania the Center for Alternative Music & Arts, a multidisciplinary cultural platform focusing on music, literature, travel, photography, arts and cinematography.

Filos Publishing House also plays a major role in its cultural activity where he initiated a few book collections and edited dozens of books. Also, co-founded and coordinated the projects of the Palestinian Cultural Center and Palestinian Film Festival in Romania or Center for Studies in Contemporary History in Romania. Art and Creative Director, graphic designer.

The project was possible with the accession of a three-weeks artistic residency, a bilateral initiative implemented within the RO-CULTURE Programme, funded through the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021.



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